The Shandon Attic: FINISH IT!

For the last time, let us venture into the Shandon church attic to finish throwaway and organization. Why, you ask? Because it could be a way more useful space, especially with the UMW Garage Sale and other outreach opportunities. We’re down to pure demo — most of what’s up there needs to go. Once again, […]

Serve: Garage Sale Manpower

***UPDATED*** The attic clean-up was strong. Special thanks to the Shandon youth who came out about 20-strong. The next phase is to lend our strength to the Garage Sale itself. Remember, the “Missions Possible” Garage Sale is a huge fundraiser hosted by the UMW (United Methodist Women) that his been known to raise well over […]

The Shandon Attic Strikes Back

It’s the sequel to our first church attic clean-up effort.  In preparation for the UMW’s Garage Sale coming up in mid-August, it’s time for our second and final pre-clean in the upstairs attic.  This time, we have some help.  The Shandon Youth have agreed to make the attic one of their Outreach efforts, so we’ll […]