Christmas Wreath Sale for the Scouts

Guys, the BBQ last Spring was a great success as we donated around $2,100 to our Boy/Cub Scout troops at Shandon. It’s our effort as Christian men to support these future men in our midst. Along the same lines, the other large fundraising commitment that we’ve decided to make as the “Sons of Thunder” is to host a Christmas Wreath Sale with proceeds to benefit the scouting programs. We believe that between these two fundraisers each year, we can really put a dent in the cost of scouting, especially for boys whose families may not be able to cover the costs themselves.

So, the time is now upon us. Our leadership has been meeting and strategizing, and the final plan is set. For the month of October, starting NOW, we will be taking orders for the wreaths. That means setting up sales tables before and after all Sunday morning worship services, as well as Wednesday Night Manna, in addition to a challenge to any of our men who are able to take a sales-sheet into your places of work, neighborhoods, etc. We’re going to be aided by the Scouts themselves in the sales, but let’s see if we can’t show them how it’s done.

Wes Few and Bruce Jones are coordinating the sale, and I’ll let you know ASAP on details for getting your own sales sheet, as well as signing up for a sales shift at the church.  Thanks.


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