New Men’s Council

Since our inception as the “Sons of Thunder” around two years ago, a good core program for men has been coming together. Thank you all for participating and contributing in different capacities, especially those in official areas of leadership (whose names are listed at the bottom of this post). Now, to add some structure to the men’s ministry going forward, we’ve decided to form a Men’s Council that will spearhead the program through long-range planning, ongoing evaluation, delegating/sharing of tasks, and representation on the Church Council.

What will it look like?

The Council will be made up no more than 18 men, including at least one representative from each Sunday school class. The members will elect from themselves an executive committee made up of a Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, and the Council will be divided into three classes, with members serving a three-year term.

What would serving require of me?

A guiding principle for the Men’s Council is that the work of the ministry must be shared equally so that it isn’t too much of an added burden to your existing schedules and responsibilities. The following is what we expect from Council members, so take a look and prayerfully discern if you’re called to one of these roles.

General members:

  • will attend the three or four Council meetings per year.
  • will join a small team of other Council members to take the lead on one men’s event/activity per year.
  • will be an advocate for the Sons of Thunder in their Sunday school class, especially by making personal announcements/invitations for upcoming men’s events.
  • will participate in as much of the overall men’s program as possible.


  • The Chair and Vice-Chair will be responsible for calling, presiding over, and communicating the content of the Council meetings.
  • The Treasurer will offer budget updates at each Council meeting in order to keep an eye on financial concerns and goals related to men’s ministry.
  • The Secretary will take notes at the meetings, summarize them and relay them to the rest of the Council, and to the church body as necessary.
  • The officers will work out among themselves who will serve as the representative to the Church Council.
What’s next?

We need now to identify the members of the Council and select officers. There will be announcements in your Sunday school classes in the coming weeks as a reminder that each class should be trying to discern a council member from their midst. There will also be an open meeting on Wednesday, September 24 at 6:00pm in Knox 209 for any interested guys, or those who still have questions, to get together and start finalizing the council members. If you are a man, you are invited and should honestly and prayerfully consider it.

Special Thanks to the Current Leadership:

Buster Yandle
John Saine
Charlie Rountree
Ty McAlister
George Burnett
Bruce Jones
Wesley Peel
Scott Gambrell
Wes Few
Blake Buchanan
Rob Tyson
Cal Watson
Bill Metzger
Robert Hemphill
Michael Wren


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