BBQ for the Boys

bbq for boys

For some time now our men’s leadership and especially the “Strength” team have been working on plans for a signature form of service for our men to take on together. We agreed to stick with what some of us know best — meat — and decided that a barbecue fundraiser once or twice each year could GREATLY benefit our Scouting ministries at Shandon.

Wesley Peel and others have made clear to us that the costs of scouting (Cub and Boy Scouts) are not small. Even more, there are tons of boys within a few miles of the church who have no fatherly mentoring, who are living in poverty-level conditions, and who are in other ways “at-risk.” Our Scout leaders hope to expand our Troops to include these boys in our community, and we want them to be able to participate at no cost.

What better way to make it possible than for our adult men, the Sons of Thunder, to gather our time and resources for a BBQ fundraiser? Here’s the plan:

— We will setup pre-order tables at church on Sundays, April 13 and April 20.
— The pork will be cooked overnight starting on Friday, April 25.
— When it’s done on Saturday, the pork will be “pulled” and stored in one or two-pound containers.
— Customers will be able to pick up hot BBQ on Saturday, OR we will refrigerate it to be picked up after worship services on Sunday, April 27.

We’ve already identified some guys with cookers, so we’ll need some guys who are willing to come out and help do the cooking overnight on that Friday (it’ll be fun). We’ll need a crew to show up that Saturday to help cut and package the pork. We’ll need a crew that Sunday to help distribute pork. We’ll also need some guys (and Scouts) to man the pre-order tables for the next few Sundays. What you should hear there is that we need some MEN. We need YOU. For one of those tasks if not several.

Take a look at your calendars, and please email Josh ( ASAP with your availability to help. Thanks, fellas!


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