March Madness: Man Night AND Mom Night


This month, our men’s fellowship night is NOT going to be on the Third Thursday. For scheduling reasons, we’re going to meet on Thursday, March 27, from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The night has the following three key ingredients, so please pay close attention, especially to #3:

#1 — We’ll be back in the gym to watch NCAA basketball on the giant screen (yes, with audio).

#2 — We’re having a man meal, potluck style. Every guy is invited to bring a dish to be shared with everybody else. In honor of March Madness, think about bringing your favorite tailgating food.

#3 — This time, we’re trying a little something extra, something new. We’ve worked it out so that we will be providing FREE childcare during the men’s fellowship time this month. The very talented church nursery/staff can handle kids starting at 8 weeks who have had their shots, and that is open to each of you. Why? Because we want to get the moms on board, too. The Sons of Thunder is an incredibly important ministry to the heart of our church community, and we recognize the challenge for men to take time out during the week, especially with kids in the picture. So, we’re inviting you to bring your kids with you to “man night,” drop them off in the nursery, and enjoy the men’s fellowship while mom gets a break, too.

If you plan on joining us, we need to keep a head-count for the food, and if you plan to bring kids for the nursery, we need to know the number of kids and their ages. RSVP with any of those details to Blake Buchanan at

If you have any other questions, contact me (Josh) at


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