Weekly Devotional — Feb. 17, 2014

Read James 1:22 here.

James 1:22 states simply, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” What is the author saying to us? He implores us to not only hear the word of God, but also to act on the word of God. Often we go to church, we go to Sunday School, we attend Bible studies, and other important facets of being a good Christian. We learn a lot – we “hear” a lot. But shouldn’t we be doing more than just hearing the word.

Haven’t you seen a TV commercial (like this one) where the one person is the beneficiary of a kind random act which then spurs him or her to perform a similar kind and random act? Invariably, the one who is the beneficiary of a kind act, follows up with a kind and random act. One becomes a “doer”.

It goes without saying that doing for others benefits others, but more importantly, it helps us disseminate God’s love. When we take actions that demonstrate God’s love and compassion, it becomes contagious.

As James so requires, let us all be doers of God’s word.

— Rob Tyson

Devotionals like this are written and shared by the men of Shandon United Methodist Church. We call ourselves the “Sons of Thunder.” If you have a reflection that you’d like to share, email Rob at Rtyson@sowellgray.com.

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