Red Beans with Rob

Red beans with rob

As a special men’s time away, our own Rob Tyson invites you to join us for a meal and devotional experience centered around the table.   Instead of our usual “Third Thursday” man-night gathering on Thursday, February 20, we’ll be meeting at Rob’s house on Sunday, February 16, at 4:30pm.  Rob will be sharing his cooking talent with us, by walking us through one of his signature dishes, making connections between that preparation and the Gospel, and even letting us EAT it.

We’ll meet at the Tysons on Sunday, February 16th at 4:30pm. The address is 1416 Ivy Lane, Columbia, SC 29204. If you’re planning to come, please RSVP to Rob by email at, so we have some idea for a head-count. With other questions, you can contact Rob at 803-606-3824. And I’ll invite you to bring a couple bucks to throw in the kitty to help defray the cost of the meal.

Should be a good Sunday afternoon together, some come out for some man time.


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