NEW in 2014


As mentioned last night at our fellowship gathering, I wanted to be sure you’re all aware of a few new items for the Sons of Thunder in 2014.

FIRST, very soon we’re going to begin to publish men’s devotionals by email each week with the Thunderclap. The SOUL team has been working to gather and compile these — each with a Scripture reading and brief reflection — so we hope you find yourself strengthened by one another, and do invite each of you to consider submitting one or several devotions.

SECOND, we have a budget now, which will give us a start on some of our goals together. One is that “Sons of Thunder” t-shirts are in the works. Another is that there are some strong missional ideas coming together for us to participate in as men. Be on the lookout.

THIRD, at each men’s night, the Third Thursday fellowship gathering each month, we will now be taking up an offering. 100% of what you give will go to a designated ministry, and it’s just another way for us to serve together. Try to bring a dollar or two each month. THIS MONTH, the highlight is the family of Jake Zeman. Remember, Jake was the young man who had a fatal collapse at the end of the Savannah Marathon just a few months ago. His wife, Erin, and young son, Jack, survive him. So, for the first quarter of 2014 our offerings will go toward their needs, particularly work to upkeep the home, the kinds of things that Jake would’ve been able to handle if he were here. We have ideas slated for the offerings for each quarter in 2014, but if you have another idea, pass the word.

Thanks, and maybe 2014 will be your time to participate with us for the first time, or more deeply for the first time. The Lord bless you, his sons.


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