3rd Thursday of January: New Season

It’s a new season/semester of the year now, so our focus on “Perspective” from Fall 2013 gives way to something new. For the first part of 2014, our new men’s theme is “Walk.”


That little word can go lots of ways. In church circles over the past 10 or 15 years, it’s become normal for someone close to you in your fellowship to ask something like, “Hey, man, how’s your Walk?” Or we might tell someone else, “I’m really trying to focus on my Walk again.” It’s a way to describe that ongoing, active relationship with Jesus. A Walk.

We also still use phrases, in and outside of church, like “You gotta walk the walk.” As in, some things require more than just word, but deeds. It’s putting your money where your mouth is, or it’s where the rubber hits the road, when we stop flapping our gums but actually do things. It’s concrete action, a Walk.

The image of the walk also connects directly to how Jesus lived on earth. He wandered, traveled, and rolled on down the road. He walked with purpose, over several years of ministry, straight towards that fateful Passover in Jerusalem where his cross was waiting. So, there’s that idea of step-by-step journeying in our faith. Walking.

Now hopefully you’re starting to get an idea where we’re headed together as men this season. Our study options, fellowship time, and more, will revolve around the Walk that we pursue as sons of God. So, join us for this first Third Thursday of the year for a deeper introduction to our Walking theme. If you’ve never come before, I promise it will be easy to join right in and participate, and we need you. All men are invited.

The Third Thursday this month is January 16, and it’s coming up quick. We’ll meet for roughly an hour at 6:00pm in Knox 209 (go upstairs in the Dunn-Smith/gym building, and stay to your right all the way back). Afterward, whoever is able is encouraged to continue on to man-supper at a nearby eatery of choice. Thursday, January 16, come on!


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