Conference Men’s Retreat: “Take the Plunge”


“We underestimate our importance. We live under the impression that all will be well without us. We mistakenly devalue the power of our presence and our contribution. This mind-set has to change before things can get better and this change is not optional, because if we are not changing, we are not growing, and if we are not growing, we are slowly dying.”

Rev. Fred Yebuah, a United Methodist District Superintendent in South Carolina made the above statement after reflecting on that state of men in our church. It’s a good word, and it points us toward our need to continue strengthening as a men’s movement, not just as the Sons of Thunder at Shandon, but as Christian men everywhere.

Along these lines and purpose, coming up in early 2014 we have a chance to gather with other guys from all over the United Methodist church in South Carolina. It’s a spiritual retreat weekend with the theme of “Taking the Plunge,” and it’s a specific effort toward increasing the faith and leadership of men across the church. Call it a mix of “R&R” and recharging yourself, man-focused fellowship, and personal growth. There will be keynote speakers, expert-led workshops, and a ton of resources for us to soak up and then bring back with us. You can read more here, but the Bishop has challenged every church to bring 5-10 men, so I want you each to consider joining those of us who will head down for it. One more thing, maybe this trip can even double as some time away with your spouse — wives are just as welcome to come, and there are discounted rates for couples.

So, the event is Friday, Feb. 28 through Sunday, March 2 at Springmaid Beach. Because we’ll be staying at the Springmaid Resort, a meal plan is available and encouraged, so for the entire weekend the prices that I’ve heard so far are as follows:

Lodging + Meal Plan, for Two (married couple) = $225

Lodging + Meal Plan, for One = $182

Lodging Only, for One = $140

Take a look and let me know if you’re in, and if you’re bringing the wife, and we’ll get registered up. Even if you just want some more info and it’s a possibility, or if you have questions, or if you want to go and the cost is a hindrance — contact me directly at Thanks, fellas,



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