Unicorn Hunting — 3rd Thursday (10.17.13)

I saw an article recently entitled, “5 Things I Will Never Do (Now That I’m a Dad),” and it spoke to me. I think it can speak to any man. Here’s the intro:

I’ve often told my friends that fatherhood changes you in all the predictable ways. Fighting to keep my individuality and identity, I believe I’ve won more than I’ve lost, and honestly, I’ve lost parts of myself that were bull[crappy] anyway.
But there were some interesting results I didn’t foresee. Namely, I didn’t realize it would change my desire to do insane stuff.

He goes on to list the five things he’s done with as a new father, including skydiving and sleeping. But one of them caught my attention in particular, it was #4 on the list — “Hunt for Unicorns.”

The_Last_Unicorn_by_zamzamiIf you’re somehow not familiar, a unicorn is a horse-like creature with a single narrow horn coming out of its head. It was an ancient symbol of purity and grace, renowned to grant wishes and heal injuries and purify water and create rainbows, amongst other things, with only a touch of its horn. One of the key traits of unicorns throughout history is that they have always been incredibly, incredibly elusive. And that connects to the second key trait for unicorns, the most important for our considerations: they aren’t real.

Now, the purpose of our 3rd Thursday in October is obviously not to hash out whether or not such a beast ever actually existed, or what it was like. But we’re going to use the image of the unicorn to dig into our Fall theme of “Perspective.” And we’re going to ask ourselves a pretty basic question: “What are my unicorns?” In other words, what are the things that I run after, and hunt, and keep in the back of my mind as the ongoing challenge of my life — the things I promise myself I will reach or accomplish one day in order for all to finally be complete. The elusive things. The myths. Every man has his unicorns, and every person of faith has wrestled with them. But spending our whole lives hunting for them is one of the “insane” things that we can all do without, whether we’re fathers or not.

So come out and join us on Thursday, October 17th and let’s help each other track these things down.


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