3rd Thursday (9.19.13) Re-cap: Heaven’s Eyes


We had a special night for the Third Thursday in November.  Coach Holbrook had some powerful sharing based on his time, yes, as a college baseball coach, but even more as someone in touch with the stories of children struggling with pediatric cancer.  We heard about the miraculous, and what it means to serve the kingdom of God in whatever setting we find ourselves.  Coach also connected to an idea we’ve had going forward as the “Sons of Thunder.”  We’ve been planning to start developing themes for seasons of this ministry, and unofficially we’re starting this Fall with “Perspective.”  Wouldn’t you know, Coach Holbrook’s entire testimony keyed in on perspective, and how we’re all challenged to see not with just earthly, human perspective, but with “heaven’s eyes.”  He quoted from the lyrics to a song by that same title from the movie, “Prince of Egypt”:

So we kicked off the year with an eye on Sabbath as a tool for reorienting our perspective from week to week; then we heard from Coach; and now, next month we continue with a program called “Chasing Unicorns.”  It’s about adjusting our perspective on some of our deepest goals/ambitions/fantasies.  It was good to see some new faces and an overflowing crowd this month, and let me tell you that our impromptu love offering raised $276 for Holbrook’s “Win Anyway Foundation,” so keep it up and come on out in October! 


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