Serve: Garage Sale Manpower


The attic clean-up was strong. Special thanks to the Shandon youth who came out about 20-strong. The next phase is to lend our strength to the Garage Sale itself. Remember, the “Missions Possible” Garage Sale is a huge fundraiser hosted by the UMW (United Methodist Women) that his been known to raise well over $20,000 which all goes to local ministries/missions.

Listen up, now. The next two big jobs are:

  • THIS Saturday, August 10, 9-10am: We need a handful of guys to get the sales racks from the Knox basement and the attic, and set up in Player Hall. Meet in Player Hall (Dunn-Smith building) and be prepared to follow orders.
  • Sunday, August 11, 6:30-8:30pm: We need A BUNCH OF GUYS to move the items in the attic down to the Garage Sale space. That includes large desks, file cabinets, furniture, boxes, etc. We drastically need LOTS OF HANDS on this one. Meet in the attic (3rd floor, Bruner building). You don’t have to work the whole two hours, but give us something!

If you know which one(s) you can commit to, notify me by email ( or by dropping a note in my box at the church. Come on, guys.


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