Jubilee Academy and 3rd Thursday CHANGE: 7.18.13

moving bigOne of the ways to serve that our “Strength” team has been investigating is how we might help in any way at the nearby Jubilee Academy. Jubilee is basically a Montessori-style school for kids in need. Read more about it here.

Most recently, however, Jubilee has been faced with the need to relocate its entire operation from Eastside Baptist Church (Sunnyside Dr) to St. James UMC on Pinebelt Rd. That need is fairly urgent, and it would be a huge help for us to help them make the move, so I’m putting a call to the Sons of Thunder. We’re going to help with moving day.

There are two ways to help:

#1) They need 30 clear packing bins to make the transition and organize. If you can pick one or more up ASAP and get them to the church by THIS Friday (July 12) at noon, then we’ll put them to use.

#2) Rather than “Man Movie Night: Part II” on the Third Thursday this month, we’re going to offer our hands and backs that night from 6:00 to 8:00pm to help with the move. That means this month, July 18th, meet at the church at 6pm and we’ll caravan over to Eastside. If you’re running late, meet us there (1410 Sunnyside Drive).

I Look forward to seeing you.



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