Driver’s Wanted: Care Team Training


One of the ideas our “Strength” team has generated is for men to help serve “the least of these” in our church community by some kind of transportation ministry. We discussed whether that would be to drive shut-ins and the elderly to and from worship on Sunday morning, or more.

The answer comes through the Shandon Care Teams. The Care Teams are already operating at the church to aid persons in need. Volunteers go through a straightforward training that helps them identify the healthiest ways to serve while also maintaining good boundaries. Then, they join a team and assist with some task.

So in the case of men interested in this Transportation Ministry, first I challenge you to become a care team member. There will be a mandatory in-house training here at Shandon on Tuesday, Sept. 10, from 6:30 to 8:30pm in Wesley Hall. Please call Nancy Reynolds at 803-422-0949 to pre-register.

Then, second, let Nancy know that you’re interested in transportation, and she’ll group you up with others to start serving. Please give this good thought and discernment, and think about what it means to folks who just need some help getting from A to B. It’s something we as men of all ages can do to lift up our brothers and sisters. And, no, there will be no “Dukes of Hazzard” pond-jumping allowed.


One thought on “Driver’s Wanted: Care Team Training

  1. i am in great need of this service from the sons of thunder as i do not drive. please call me at 873-1959 to arrange a mutual time – thanks robert hemphill

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