Raise Your Voices

singingFellas, you have a special opportunity to serve during either worship service coming up on July 14th. Eddie Huss, our Minister of Music, is looking for some male vocal boom. During the Summer the whole congregation is using traditional hymns, and Eddie wants to put together a men’s ensemble on Sunday morning the 14th.

Just go ahead and stop counting yourself out on this one. Stop assuming that other guys are going to step up and do it and you’re off the hook. It’s super easy. No rehearsals, no robes, no commitment, no training required. You’re invited to sing at one or both services, and all you have to do is gather in the sanctuary 45 minutes prior to the start of worship (8:00am or 10:15am, respectively).

I understand that singing, especially in public, seems out of the question for some of us. But the fact is, there is no limit to what God calls us to in big and small ways. If Abraham can leave his homeland and Peter can preach to the priests, you and I can sing a song or two. It will be a pretty special occasion. So aim to be there, that day, for one or both services.


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