Service Op: Playground Demo

UPDATE: The playground demolition described below has been postponed by the Preschool until later this Fall. When the time comes, we still plan to help. I’ll let you know when I find out the new date(s).

Coming up quick, some man-strength is vitally needed to help prepare our church property for the new flagship playground area being installed for the Children’s/Preschool ministry. Bea Daves, the Pre/K director, has identified a ministry called “Kids Around the World” that will transport our existing play equipment to a global area in need. Their contact guy, Tim Clauson, tells us that they plan to come and dismantle the playground on Wednesday, June 19th, and then load up the transporters on Thursday, June 20th. His plan is to start at 8:00am and work most of the day, and I’ll be joining him as much as I can. If you have a chance during your lunch time, etc., please come on.

Where do we come in? Well, Travis Pearson is coordinating a small army of youth to come help do the grunt-work, so I volunteered to hopefully find a group of skilled guys to come and help take the lead. It’s a good service opportunity. Even just a few guys, with socket wrenches and hex adapters can get this done well. I know it’s a weekday, but if you have even a chance to help, let’s do some work and not let the teenagers show us up.

Email me ( if you’re willing and able, or if it’s just a possibility. Thanks, fellas.


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