March MAN-ness

bracketologyFor some of you, March is a long-awaited time for the glory of college hoops, Final Fours, and dreams come true. For the rest of us, there’s the poor hope that Clemson or Carolina make the NIT. Wherever you stand on March Madness, even if you’ve never followed the action, it is a unique spectacle of sports that gives us some excitement to watch. You’ve got two ways to participate this month:

(1) In honor of NCAA ball, our Third Thursday fellowship night is going to meet in the gym again with the giant screen (and a smaller screen or two) to watch some of the games. This is Thursday, March 21 at 6:30, and it’s the first round so there’s plenty to choose from. We’re doing food and drink again, so Blake Buchanan is going to follow-up with an email signup list to see who is bringing what. Bring your favorite tailgate chair if you like, and I’m churning up some homemade ice cream, so come on.

(2) We have a Sons of Thunder group set up with the ESPN “Tournament Challenge” to see who fills out the best bracket. If you win nationwide, ESPN will give you all sorts of cash & prizes. But more importantly, I have “gifts of honor” for the top-3 finishers in our group. Believe me, they’re worth it (disclaimer: gifts of honor have virtually no cash value because this is NOT gambling). Plus, you get bragging rights and possibly an announcement of victory to the whole church. That’s right.

To sign up, click this link. You can create a free account with or use your Facebook login. The group is “Sons of Thunder” and the password is “boom”.

Thanks, and email me any questions, and don’t forget about the Habitat House. Peace,



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