Habitat Re-hab

Fellas, our church has stepped up to knock out its own Habitat project.  The house is located at 627 Floyd Street and the project involves some deep reno/rehab.  There are ten (10) workdays scheduled, and 8-10 volunteers needed per workday.  This is a church-wide outreach but what about the Sons of Thunder showing up in force to beast it?  Here are the dates, first one starting TOMORROW:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 27
  • Thursday, Feb. 28
  • Friday, March 1
  • Saturday, March 2
  • Friday, March 8
  • Saturday, March 9
  • Friday, March 15
  • Saturday, March 16
  • Friday, March 22
  • Saturday, March 23

The workday lasts from 9am to 4pm, and lunch is served at noon. Wear close-toed shoes and work clothes. Bring gloves or basic tools if you like, but everything needed will be on-site.

To Sign-up

I’ll make it easy on you. Email me (joshtmcc@gmail.com) with the date you want to work, and I’ll put your name down. I bet we can all make at least one. And if you feel like an extra challenge, invite another guy, or a small crew. Just say, “Hey, bro, I plan to be at the Habitat Rehab on Saturday, March 16. And you’re coming with me.” Easy. Do it.


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