Man Update — 1.18.13

If we missed you last night for the third Thursday in January, come on next time.  Here are some things for you to be aware of in the near future:


1. “Wild at Heart” study

If you want to join a small group, sign up by this Sunday.  The study starts Monday, January 28th.  Details are available here.  If you’ve already signed up, you will be receiving an email later today with instructions on the upcoming first meeting.

2. The Thunderclap

Very soon we’re going to start publishing a weekly devotional submitted by members of the Sons of Thunder.  To receive it by email, sign up here.  Or contact Cal Watson ( to find out about submitting a lesson.

3. Morning Basketball

In February we’re going to start having basketball for men in the gym every Wednesday morning, from 6:30am to 7:30.  There will be a brief devotional.  And our showers do work if you need that before work.  Be prepared to come out, and let people know.

4. Lenten Fast

All men are invited to fast through Wednesday lunch during Lent.  Starting Ash Wednesday (Feb. 13), instead of having a meal you’re challenged to grab a bottle of water and devote that time to the Lord — in prayer, Scripture, and peace.  Other guidelines for the fast will be available soon.
There’s a lot going on, men.  The Sons of Thunder are getting into full-swing.  Stay tuned to the blog and your email, or Facebook, or Twitter, and join us.

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